All of our products are made with the finest quality ingredients and produced in a hygienic environment.


We are passionate about providing the best service and 100% customer satisfaction. Each of our handmade items is carefully baked with love.


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Antep Baklava Sofia - Turkish baklava and desserts

Check some of our best products and feel the great passion for desserts

We have many desserts and Baklava Varieties to show you

One of the oldest Baklava shop in Sofia

In our shop, we serve a range of baklava, cookies, and pastries to order, along with other desserts to buy.


  • Hygiene rules are applied in every unit of the enterprise by combining traditional production methods with European standards in order to ensure that all the products it manufactures reach you, the consumers, at the same quality.
  • Products that have reached Antep Baklava standards in terms of taste and quality are offered to consumers.
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We began 10 years ago

Antep Baklava was founded in 2011 by Cuma Özçelik and Ajda Ibrahimova. The master chef and owner Cuma, who has learned the Gaziantep’s famous passion “baklava” from very talented experts there, has been maintaining the production of this delicious dessert baklava its original quality and taste and with its old-style in very hygienic kitchens and ovens.

Under the leadership of master Cuma, it carries out production with great care with its team that grows day by day, without losing control at every stage from raw material selection to reaching the consumer.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery via Econt Express to your address or to any Econt office close to you.

When do I pay for my orders?

You pay on the delivery.

Do your products contain gluten?

Some of our products have it and this information is in the description of each product. We have some special types of Gluten-free products as well.

Antep Baklava Sofia

Turkish Bakery & Patisserie

Our New Tastes

We have brand new tastes, different than classical at special prices:

Milky Chocolate Cold Baklava
Diet Baklava with palm and walnuts
Mussel Baklava with pistachios and milk cream

Milky Chocolate Cold Baklava

Our favorite is cold baklava; it is magnificent meeting with milk, chocolate, and pistachio is much lighter than you think!

Milky Chocolate Cold Baklava

Diet Baklava With Palm And Walnuts

Diet Baklava with palm and walnuts

Mussel Baklava with pistachios and milk cream

Mussel Baklava with pistachios and milk cream
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